flash fiction · Thrusday Photo Prompt

Waiting #writephoto

A little girl watches from behind the curtains as a Pied Piper named Death plays a tune. A silent tune immune to children. The little girl watches as the brand of an inverted torch pulls everyone towards the couple that possesses it. Blood is everywhere, their screams echo throughout. No one remembers afterward, except the… Continue reading Waiting #writephoto


Daily Prompt: Parallel

They were the same, alike yet different. Side by side forever, but never touching. Doomed to be in other's misery. Sharing smiles and laughs for all eternity. Different worlds, peers, and experiences. Similar interests, passion, and enthusiasm. Side by side forever, but never touching.   via Daily Prompt: Parallel

poem · Three Line Tales


Far above in space, the earth seems so tiny and people so small. The inventions and development of humans stand tall and proud. He looks at the earth and everything down there, a product of our unending brilliance and enthusiasm. Written for Three Line Tales Week 116 hosted by Sonya on only100words. Photo by NASA via Unsplash.



I stare at myself in the mirror hating every part, finding flaws within. Someday, I whisper, I'm gonna change the longer I look, the further it seems. Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash.