Beginnings #writephoto

Underneath the magnificent canopy,

the wind blowing ever so softly,

skies painted ever so beautifully,

sun dying ever so warmly.


She sat, gazing at the beauty around,

content with everything here.

Entranced by nature’s splendor,

shoulders light and bright.


Past troubles and tensions forgotten,

stress leaving her body.

No more dwelling for future anxieties,

what-ifs or could-have-beens.


As darkness grew throughout,

she got up, ready to leave.

To not return to this wonderland,

until she’d bested herself.


A new place, a new beginning,

no expectations thrust upon.

She’d build herself from the ground,

and return here once more.


Written as a response to Thursday Photo Prompt- Beginning #writephoto, hosted by the lovely Sue over on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.

Spring #writephoto

Em walked down the avenue, the fresh leaves of the spring bringing a small smile to her lips. The green leaves, the soft chirps of the birds around her was bringing a newfound joy within her. The spring did great work to rejuvenate her spirits, to ease her body. She enjoyed the sight as she hadn’t before. She felt her burdens washed away as she enjoyed the small stroll, something that was very uncommon to the usual habits of the young woman.

The past few days had been hard to her. She’d shut herself in, shut the blinds firmly, and completely unresponsive to the outside world’s beauty, wallowed in sorrow. There was no great event in bringing this, there were no sudden changes in her life. Frankly put, she had no reason for the sudden bout of sadness she felt. She’d wallowed in self-despair, hating herself more and more each day, and hating herself for that very thing. It was a vicious circle, and it grew more and more each day.

There were many things contributing to this, she knew them and ever so often took steps in rectifying them. But all was in vain, as she stopped every time. She stopped and then again cursed herself for it, she always did. She always wanted to change, but she never did. And despite knowing that, she always tried again.

She was always full of excuses, she knew that. She had become very good at lying, and especially to herself. It was a bad habit, she knew that and especially because it came back to bite her every time. Yet she never stopped, she just lied and promised herself that it would one day. That day was far coming, and she knew that. Yet, she did nothing.

She shook her head as she sat down in one of the park benches. It’d do her no good to think these thoughts again. All it would serve to do was to bring back the previous feeling of despair, and she did not want that, especially not now. Instead, she concentrated on the pleasant sight before her, taking in the sweet aroma of the spring as she settled down on the warm bench.

She looked at the green leaves, a striking change from the bare winter only months before, a welcoming change and smiled. She smiled at nature’s ability to go from the dread winter to the cheery and pleasant spring. She smiled at the birds, her body filled in warmth from their song. She smiled at the cool wind, providing cool to counter the pleasant warmth of the sun. She smiled at nature, and at herself.

Today was a new day, and she vowed to make it better than yesterday. After all, the harshest winter makes way for the loveliest spring.


Written as a response to  Thursday Photo Prompt, hosted by the lovely Sue over at Sue’s Daily Echo.


The evening lights seemed scary, the people milling around town even more so. In the cover of the night, she felt scared but her initial relief didn’t falter as she walked on, away from him. She smiled a small smile as she accepted the roads that guided her somewhere, somewhere fresh, somewhere she could start anew.


Word Count: 56

Written for Three Line tales, hosted by Sonya on only100words. Check it out here.

The Journey Begins


Almost always there are a few characters running amok inside my head. In the beginning, they exist solely inside their own stories, they exist only inside their own world. They remain inside the scene I have trouble crafting, they play the same situations again and again while I try to make it better. I promise myself that i’ll write it someday, I think that maybe doing so will make me let go of that entirely but it never happens. I never write further. I lose interest only after a couple of scenes, a couple of chapters and the characters lay forgotten somewhere inside my mind, my plans for them, my ambitious plans dissolved into the ground.

I often make excuses to myself, citing the fact that I am busy with my studies or this and that. I always find an excuse, I always stop. It isn’t the fact that I lose interest completely, I just stop after some time has passed. I stop and I never continue it. A while later, I get a new idea and the circle starts all over again.

Often more than not, I find myself reading the couple thousand words I’d written, smiling at the parts I thought I wrote best, shaking my head at the obvious flaws and mistakes. I find myself loving the words, the scenarios but I don’t continue it further. At best, I write a couple of sentences and I stop, not knowing what to do further. Then it lays forgotten until I discover it again.

This is a cycle I am most accustomed to, this is a cycle that I hate but don’t know what to do about anymore. This is a cycle I want to break. I want to write, give the characters inside my head a solid world, a wonderful plot, a worthy story.  I don’t want to just be mediocre anymore, I want to be amazing at something. I want to write wonderful stories, create remarkable characters. I want the world inside my head to be an amazing world with different characters, with beautiful stories.

This is a new experience for me, a new journey and I intend to make the best of it.  I intend to create something remarkable here. I want to be able to look back at this and feel like I did something.

So dear reader, join me in this amazing journey. Join me as I create something worthwhile, something good. Join me as I take my first steps towards something that I hope will be wonderful. There are a lot of flaws, there will be a lot of mistakes, but hopefully I would be able to make you laugh, make you cry and make you love my characters as much as I love them.