Friendly Competition

The ship was huge and decorated nicely with the flags of the competing countries. In the ship, kids and teachers alike milled around, rejoicing and talking amongst themselves, creating new friendships and meeting new acquaintances.

They watched the kids go excitedly on the ship, eager to see around the foreign city. All thoughts of the upcoming competition far from their minds, as they mingled with other people who were as excited as they were.

It was a beautiful sight, different people from different parts of the world all together in one city, all for their rejoicing in their shared interest. The kids who’d one day make a difference in the world smiling and happy as they milled around, eagerly waiting for the boat to start, enjoying every sight their eyes could see and eagerly awaiting more.

The two coordinators looked onward, their faces reflecting the same joy that was widespread on the kids. This amity was the best thing about the competition.

Word Count: 162

Written as a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Thanks to Dorothy for providing the picture. To read other stories inspired by prompt, click here.


She quickened her pace, her body appeared a blur as she shot past the empty corridor. She wasn’t late, but she wasn’t early either, a fact that was causing her undue stress. In this world, slow and steady never win anything.

Written for week 114 of Three line Tales, hosted by Sonya. Check it out here.