Daily Prompt: Assumption

A smile that doesn’t reach the eyes,

a laugh that is all too fake.

The small shake of a hand,

subtle hints that tell all.


A small, warm, welcoming smile.

A little here, a little there.

One genuine compliment is enough,

to make someone’s day.


Assuming you know better

when you have no idea.

Seeing things that aren’t there,

a mountain out of a molehill.


But is assumption really that bad,

when it helps people you care?

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Daily Prompt: Sleeve

She was always smiling, happy to everyone.

He was always sour and unapproachable.

She was adored by many, loved by all.

He watched over their backs constantly.

She was an angel to many who’d met her,

and especially the light of his life.

She was headfast and supportive of him always.

He was just glad she was there.

She tried very hard to fit in,

but there are always hurdles in life.

Slowly, her smiles became strained, her eyes unhappy,

but no one could see it except for him.

She was never perfect despite trying.

To him, she was nothing less, no matter what.

She broke down in secret, showing no weakness.

He became her strength, as she’d been his.

As she cried in darkness hidden from others,

He became her sleeve to cry upon.


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Daily Prompt: Genie

Speak your thoughts, your deepest desire.

Speak what your heart aches for, your utmost fantasy,

What you have longed for all your life,

What would satisfy you the most.


For you have freed me from my eternal slumber,

For you have put me out of my misery,

I shall grant you your one wish,

I shall repay the kindness you have shown me.


But beware human mark my words.

You cannot have what wasn’t destined yours.

Consequences, good and bad, you will face,

Nothing is free and nothing shall be.


Heed my warning and think it through.

Don’t haste, your wish will come true.

Now mortal, let me reward you,

Speak your thoughts, your deepest desire.


via Daily Prompt: Genie. Photo by Luiz Hanfilaque on Unsplash

The Crowd

I sit alone on a bench, watching, observing those around me. The air is foggy, allowing me to see only a few faces. Some rush by in a crowd, some walk slowly but purposefully. Some are fidgety as they walk, their mind preoccupied with something else, their body on autopilot. Some are cautious, extra so. People come, people go, each different from the last in various ways, some subtle and some obvious.

I sit alone and observe people on the different paths of life. I pay extra attention to some and completely ignore the other, taking in only what I want to see. I see people and make my own assumptions, never knowing whether I am right or wrong. I see their mistakes, I see their glory and try to soak it in. I see only a glimpse and to me, that glimpse is enough. The smallest moment of someone else’s life is enough.

I sit alone and look at those who came before me. I wonder if I can live up to my heroes if I can make those who love me proud. I sit alone and think because sometimes thinking is necessary, because I know I have to clear the fog. I sit alone and observe, as I’ve done all my life.

I sit alone and watch everyone, knowing that I too will have to go through this crowd. I too will face the similar difficulties that the people walking around me are doing right now. But for now, I sit alone and watch, because that’s all I can do.

Someday I will walk the path and make my destination worthwhile. Someday I will walk through the ups and downs and highs and lows. That someday may come tomorrow or million days away, or maybe I’ve already jumped into it without even realizing. But for now, I am content with just sitting alone and watching.


Written for Daily Prompt: Meander