Daily Prompt: Assumption

A smile that doesn’t reach the eyes,

a laugh that is all too fake.

The small shake of a hand,

subtle hints that tell all.


A small, warm, welcoming smile.

A little here, a little there.

One genuine compliment is enough,

to make someone’s day.


Assuming you know better

when you have no idea.

Seeing things that aren’t there,

a mountain out of a molehill.


But is assumption really that bad,

when it helps people you care?

via Daily Prompt: Assumption



Em gazed at the cable car, shivering with anticipation. Everything around her was so exciting, unlike anything she’d ever seen before. She was beside herself with joy, with excitement at getting to ride on one. A tug on her sweater dragged her out of her expansive imagination and she turned to face her brother.

“I’m bored.” He said whining and flopped down to the ground.

Em wasted no time in picking him up and setting him upright. “Wait a little while. Dad should be returning with the tickets.”

His attempt to reconcile with the ground was foiled by Em’s hands, causing him to sulk even more, even when Dad returned.

Em pressed her cheeks to the glass of the car, staring at the increasingly decreasing landscape with utter fascination.

Meanwhile, her brother had found a new hobby: people watching. He looked at the cars that were going down but only one of the passengers stared back at him.

Em looked just as he was waving goodbye. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m saying goodbye to the dog. Bye bye dog.” He replied, smiling.

Em laughed at that along with everyone and joined in saying farewell to the dog.

Word Count: 199

Written as a response to Sunday Photo Fiction. Other entries of this prompt can be found here.

Friendly Competition

The ship was huge and decorated nicely with the flags of the competing countries. In the ship, kids and teachers alike milled around, rejoicing and talking amongst themselves, creating new friendships and meeting new acquaintances.

They watched the kids go excitedly on the ship, eager to see around the foreign city. All thoughts of the upcoming competition far from their minds, as they mingled with other people who were as excited as they were.

It was a beautiful sight, different people from different parts of the world all together in one city, all for their rejoicing in their shared interest. The kids who’d one day make a difference in the world smiling and happy as they milled around, eagerly waiting for the boat to start, enjoying every sight their eyes could see and eagerly awaiting more.

The two coordinators looked onward, their faces reflecting the same joy that was widespread on the kids. This amity was the best thing about the competition.

Word Count: 162

Written as a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Thanks to Dorothy for providing the picture. To read other stories inspired by prompt, click here.