Daily Prompt: Sleeve

She was always smiling, happy to everyone.

He was always sour and unapproachable.

She was adored by many, loved by all.

He watched over their backs constantly.

She was an angel to many who’d met her,

and especially the light of his life.

She was headfast and supportive of him always.

He was just glad she was there.

She tried very hard to fit in,

but there are always hurdles in life.

Slowly, her smiles became strained, her eyes unhappy,

but no one could see it except for him.

She was never perfect despite trying.

To him, she was nothing less, no matter what.

She broke down in secret, showing no weakness.

He became her strength, as she’d been his.

As she cried in darkness hidden from others,

He became her sleeve to cry upon.


via Daily Prompt: Sleeve.

Daily Prompt: Parallel

They were the same,

alike yet different.

Side by side forever,

but never touching.


Doomed to be

in other’s misery.

Sharing smiles and laughs

for all eternity.


Different worlds, peers,

and experiences.

Similar interests, passion,

and enthusiasm.


Side by side forever,

but never touching.


via Daily Prompt: Parallel