Conflagration #writephoto

She sat, perplexed, confused,

Mostly angry at herself.

Burdened by demonic hindsight,

Torn apart by regret.


Staring at the dying sun,

The last embers of the day.

Wishing she could go back,

And change her fate.


It’d been sudden, unforeseeable,

Unbearable and taxing.

A fire that’d burned so fast,

Destroying and damaging.


She sat, a broken woman,

Losing everything that mattered.

24 hours that’d changed it all,

If only she could turn back time…

Written as a response to Thursday Photo Prompt hosted by the lovely Sue Vincent.



Roy took out a deep sigh as his fingers drummed absently on the steering wheel. He was nervous and sitting in his car in the crowded car park calmed him somewhat. Perhaps being alone with his thoughts wasn’t the best thing most of the times, but it was exactly what he needed right now.

The infectious laughter of a family going past him made him realize that he’d left the window open. He hurried to close it but the damage had been done. He stared at the quickly disappearing figures, his mind embedded on the past.

For a man not yet 30, Roy had so many regrets. He’d made so many mistakes, but this one was the worst. Roy struggled not to think about that day, but being back in this town, and specifically to this supermarket, wherein he’d spent many embarrassing moments really didn’t help.

Roy knew that he’d be welcomed with open arms, past mistakes forgiven. He longed for his mother’s embrace, his father’s smile, his siblings’ jests. He’d missed them every day, every day since he’d left slamming the door behind him.

He breathed deeply again, steeling himself. It was time to face the music. 

Word Count: 198

Thanks to Sunday Photo Fiction for the photo prompt. Check them out!