History was fascinating, she thought as she walked around the ancient museum. Her eyes were taking in all the glorious relics of the past, her mind whirling at their significances throughout. Her legs were straying too far, her hands were twitching by her side.

She was engrossed in the beautiful display before her, and in her haste in taking in everything before her, she was separated from her group. She shrugged, it didn’t matter, it wasn’t like they’d notice her missing, after all.

She looked around, noticing everything other than the historical relics. All around her were people like her, fascinated by the priceless objects around her, impressed and engrossed in the display. She smiled looking at one particular item, perfect.

Alarms blared around her, and everyone around stared at her in disgust and rage. To steal something from a museum this rich and especially that item was a heinous act and if she might be so arrogant, an impossible one. The easy part was done, now remained the hard aspect. But she was prepared, she’d been prepared for a long time.

History was fascinating, she thought as she executed her escape plan, and she’d guaranteed her place in it.

Word Count: 200


Written as a response to Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by the lovely Susan. To read other entries of this prompt, click here.


The Journey Begins


Almost always there are a few characters running amok inside my head. In the beginning, they exist solely inside their own stories, they exist only inside their own world. They remain inside the scene I have trouble crafting, they play the same situations again and again while I try to make it better. I promise myself that i’ll write it someday, I think that maybe doing so will make me let go of that entirely but it never happens. I never write further. I lose interest only after a couple of scenes, a couple of chapters and the characters lay forgotten somewhere inside my mind, my plans for them, my ambitious plans dissolved into the ground.

I often make excuses to myself, citing the fact that I am busy with my studies or this and that. I always find an excuse, I always stop. It isn’t the fact that I lose interest completely, I just stop after some time has passed. I stop and I never continue it. A while later, I get a new idea and the circle starts all over again.

Often more than not, I find myself reading the couple thousand words I’d written, smiling at the parts I thought I wrote best, shaking my head at the obvious flaws and mistakes. I find myself loving the words, the scenarios but I don’t continue it further. At best, I write a couple of sentences and I stop, not knowing what to do further. Then it lays forgotten until I discover it again.

This is a cycle I am most accustomed to, this is a cycle that I hate but don’t know what to do about anymore. This is a cycle I want to break. I want to write, give the characters inside my head a solid world, a wonderful plot, a worthy story.  I don’t want to just be mediocre anymore, I want to be amazing at something. I want to write wonderful stories, create remarkable characters. I want the world inside my head to be an amazing world with different characters, with beautiful stories.

This is a new experience for me, a new journey and I intend to make the best of it.  I intend to create something remarkable here. I want to be able to look back at this and feel like I did something.

So dear reader, join me in this amazing journey. Join me as I create something worthwhile, something good. Join me as I take my first steps towards something that I hope will be wonderful. There are a lot of flaws, there will be a lot of mistakes, but hopefully I would be able to make you laugh, make you cry and make you love my characters as much as I love them.